Another year over, a new one just begun!! A perfect time for planning….


January is the perfect time to plan, plan and plan some more….

Welcome to 2014! I hope you had a really good Christmas and New Year.2014

The new year has always been the traditional time to look forward with renewed vigour, to create new plans, and dare I say it, to make resolutions (which, if you’re like me, tend to get broken within a few days / weeks depending on what they are!!).

There is something about a new year that enables us to see beyond the day to day slog and to look at the longer term, to set plans and goals. Even though it may be raining outside, and boy have we seen enough rain for the whole year already, a new year helps us to focus and look at the wider picture, both as individuals and at work.

New year is often the time when holiday plans are made, something to look forward to when it’s raining yet again. When we can dream of brighter mornings and lighter evenings. And look forward to Easter – the eggs are already in the shops, can you believe that –that is planning for you!!

PlanningThe new year is also a really good time for businesses to start planning strategies for the forthcoming year. Budgets are coming to an end so there is often a frenzy to make sure these are spent – use it or lose it often gets bandied around. And if you don’t use it this year, you won’t get it next year, so previously identified training priorities are always a good place to spend the remaining budget on.

Plans are also being drawn up for the new financial year, and appraisals being undertaken to highlight areas for development.

And in these times of economic pressure, it is essential that what your budget is spent on really adds value, that it doesn’t just tick the boxes; it adds measureable value to your business and the services you provide.

At Bute we are able to work with you and provide a bespoke service. We will work with you to develop and deliver what you really want, rather than what the ‘off the shelf’ package has to offer. Development that will really add value, will empower and enhance the skills of your staff, and will improve your business.

And what about our plans for 2014? Well they are ambitious; we are excited about how they will add value and provide our clients with what they really need. Over the next few months we will be launching a series of Webinars and a selection of bitesize training sessions – short sharp sessions on key subjects. Later in the year we will be launching our bootcamp development programme – watch this space!!

With a little bit of planning, ambition, and forward thinking, 2014 can be the best year yet!

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