Assertiveness with Confidence

Course Contents

Course Contents


1 day


Assertiveness is not about being smug or arrogant; it is about being direct with our wants and preferences without violating others rights.  In this day and age, it is important for both ourselves as individuals and for our company to ensure that we demonstrate assertive behaviour.  It is better to say NO and offer an alternative than say YES and not deliver.   It is better to ask for what we want and need rather than have someone try to second guess and waste time and energy.   Assertive individuals are far more productive than aggressive or submissive individuals and are far happier to work with.

This workshop is a fun and great introduction to Assertive behaviour.  The workshop will give you the tools to confidently display and feel assertive in your communications.


This workshop assumes no prior training within this subject.


Imagine being able to:

  • Ask for something in a way that works for all parties.
  • Recognise when someone is being fair (assertive), arrogant or submissive.
  • Deal with difficult people, in a confident and professional manner.
  • Confidently say no… and where appropriate offer alternatives.
  • Recognise the signs and phases of conflict.
  • Be confident that you are being assertive and not aggressive or submissive
  • Practice this in a safe environment…

Course Contents

  • Relationships with others
  • Skill enhancer exercises
  • Identifying good and bad relationships
  • Difficult situations and how to manage these
  • Recognising aggressive, submissive and assertive behaviour
  • Interpersonal skills – questioning, listening, summarising, body language
  • Intervention style feedback
  • Self-development, workshop review and personal action plans
  • Action Plan

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the difference between assertiveness, non-assertive and submissive behaviour.
  • Identify the need for assertiveness.
  • Identify the need for submissiveness and aggression and know how to deliver these.
  • Manage communication with difficult people.
  • Recognise the different stages of conflict.
  • Display assertiveness skills.
  • Know when to say no… and offer an alternative

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