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Business IT Applications

You know when you know that what you are doing can be done easier and quicker?   We hear that all the time from our Guests (the participants of the programme that are your staff).   It is the reason why we design and deliver our workshops so that you can reduce the unknown and therefore increase productivity.

You know when you go on a workshop and you already know quite a bit of what is being covered? And yet, there are a couple of areas that are vital that you get to know, so you sit through the complete workshop? We don’t hear this from our Guests (the participants of the programme that are your staff).

Your workshops, your content, your times

We know that there are modules that you know or don’t need to be included, so why include them.  You can choose (with assistance and advice from us if that’ll help) exactly what you want covered and we can design and deliver the workshop to your exact requirements.

Have the workshop times to suit you from a couple of hours to half day to full day to multiple days, what suits you?

The how and the where

This workshop can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.  It can be delivered at your premises or externally in the Microsoft version of your choice.  Just let us know what suits you.

Our Learning Process and Materials

You can choose from an extensive range of courses each with supporting courseware.

Courseware – Our courseware has been written in an original and innovative format focusing on topics. With emphasis on screen shots and a step-by-step format in a highly graphical and aesthetically pleasing style, each topic is presented on a new page. It is jargon free and easy to understand, the format is ideal for all students.

Student & Exercise Files – Our courseware is based on real world case studies and examples that will help students to develop essential business-focused IT skills. As a result many of our titles require the student to use practice files to complete the exercises in the manual.

IT Applications Self Assessment Surveys – Our online surveys are free when you need help in deciding the current ability and skill level of your employees across the different Microsoft applications in order to select the right course and identify any gaps in your knowledge at a particular skill level.

We can help you combine, and if necessary modify, the different courses available to fit the real needs of your business and employees.

If you already know what skills you need view the Business Computer Skills Courses from our Course Catalogue.

If you require assistance choosing the best learning programme for your business or would like to discuss how we can create a tailored workshop for you call us now on 020 3489 6734 or Contact Us.

You are of course covered by our guarantee, ‘If we do not deliver, you do not pay.