ILM – Supervisory/Team Leader Skills

Course Content

Course Content

Course Duration
3 days

To get a clear understanding of the role, and identify/practice key skills for effective supervision.

Target Audience
Those who have recently been promoted to a first line management, team leader or supervisory role and have received no formal training on the subject before.

This course assumes no prior training within this subject.

Course Contents
• Communication
• Assertiveness
• Conflict Management
• Performance Appraisal
• SMART objectives
• Objective Setting
• Coaching
• Team Motivation
• Thinking skills
• Outside the box
• Planning and decision making
• Leadership and styles
• Time Management
• Planning and organising your time
• Individual analysis of time management
• Use of time logs
• Customer Care
• Delivering a Service
• Presentation skills

Course Objectives
At the completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Clarify participants role within the company
• Identify the key skills required for effective supervision
• Identify the relevant styles and skill for real scenarios
• Understand the importance of good communication
• Conduct a Performance Appraisal in a fair manner
• Set SMART objectives
• Prioritise own and teams time and tasks
• Develop personal action plans for future self-development