Life is a journey……how personal development can help you get where you want


Life is a journey, and personal development should be a key component of that journey. 


Who wants to stay in one place the whole time? It’s like getting onto the M25 at one junction and staying there as it seems like a good place to be. But if you don’t travel, experience, and develop, how will you know where you could get to?

If I asked you what was happening in our country 70 years ago what would you answer?

Well, the obvious answer would be that the country, and the world, were in the grip of the Second World War. So you would imagine that these terrible and world changing events would be the main focus of the Government policy makers of the time. Yet during the war years a system that would revolutionise taxation and how it would be collected for years to come was being developed.

paye_995692cPAYE was first introduced in February 1944 and has remained largely unchanged since then.  As with many aspects of modern life, our fore fathers were leading in developing the policy that made us the society we are today. PAYE, love it or hate it, has had a major impact on all our lives.

It’s not really a sexy topic of conversation though (unless you are a taxation accountant!!!). Imagine, you are on a first date, or out with a group of friends, the conversation wanes and someone thinks aha, I know a good topic to discuss – PAYE. The conversation will probably go one of two ways – yawns and eyes glazing over or a debate so fierce that it has the potential to kill an evening out.

In fact, I’ve just mentioned PAYE to my husband – his response – “Wonderful!” – said in a sarcastic tone.

So – how about turning the conversation around. Taking a potentially boring or emotive topic and turning it into one that stirs the embers of people, that makes us look inside ourselves to figure out where we want to go and what we need to do to get there.

Promotion, greater (read more enjoyable) work responsibility and increased earning potential.  When these subjects are discussed ears open, eyes widen, people sit up and everyone has an opinion on how these things can be achieved. Why not, it is something that has us all interested.

Most of us need support and additional development to get where we want to get. So where can we start the process of moving from personal development 1where we are to where we want to get to? Personal development means different things to different people – and for some is not always work related either.

And in our working lives how can we improve the person we are today, to become the person we aspire to become. How can we hone and develop our skills, abilities and experiences to enable us to move where we want to go – upwards, sideways, or even in a totally different direction.

The traditional method is training – there are courses in so many different subjects that if we had the time we could become experts in many different things. And training for trainings sake is only a means to an end – a tick in the box to say that it has been done.

Truly beneficial training needs to add value, to help us move on and develop skills that are of use to our careers and to the organisation we work in. Bespoke training, developed for an organisation or individual is often of greatest benefit as it identifies requirements rather than delivering a one size fits all approach.

And there are other ways too – mentoring, coaching, shadowing, improving self awareness and self knowledge to name just a few.

And the added bonus of developing our own potential is that we are also able to help develop the potential of others….


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