Microsoft Excel – Level 3 Advanced


Course Content

Course Duration

One Day

Important Considerations

This workshop can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.  It can be delivered in the Microsoft version of your choice.  Just let us know what suits you.


We know things can be done quicker in Excel, we also know we have a good knowledge of Excel, we just need it better.  We are generally known or want to be known as the ‘go-to’ person for queries with Excel, we need to know more, we need advanced skills… this is where is starts.


The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Excel Level 3 – Advanced is taking you to the ‘Super User’ level of Excel.  Often people at this level support others within the team.  You will cover areas such Advanced Filters, Validations, Goal Seeking, Data Tables, Scenarios, PivotTables, Consolidation, Summarising Data and Recorded Macros.


Microsoft Excel Advance assumes you have attended Bute’s Learning & Development Microsoft Excel Intermediate one day workshop.  Or, have a high level of understanding of Excel to include: Conditional Formatting, Absolute Referencing, Labels and Names, Logical Functions, Lookup Functions, Nesting Functions Workshop, Working With Lists, Simple Data Entry, Sharing Workbooks, Charting, Charting Techniques, Sorting, AutoFilter and Linking Workbooks


Imagine being able to:

Use advanced filters to analyse data in a list

  • Extracting Records With Advanced Filter
  • Use Formulas In Criteria
  • Use Database Functions

Use a variety of data validation techniques

  • Use goal seeking to determine the values required to reach a desired result
  • Create, use and modify data tables
  • Create and work with scenarios and the Scenario Manager

Create, modify and work with PivotTables

  • Adding Row Fields To A PivotTable
  • Using The Page Field In A PivotTable
  • Filtering Row And Column Values
  • Formatting A PivotTable

Combine data in separate worksheets or workbooks using consolidation

  • Summarise data using subtotals and relative range naming
  • Create recorded macros in Excel

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