Supervisors – Confident in the Role

Course Contents

Course Contents

Course Duration

2 days


In today’s changing workplace, many new supervisors are unsure of their roles and responsibilities. They have little experience dealing with the challenges of managing work through others. They haven’t had the opportunity to develop those critical skills of planning work, leading their group, and communicating with their employees, their colleagues, and their manager. This two-day workshop will give you just that opportunity.

Target Audience

All existing, newly promoted and those in line for promotion to supervisor.


This course assumes no previous training within a Supervisor’s role.

Course Contents

  • What is the role of a Supervisor?
  • Taking ownership
  • Responsibility, who me?
  • They are my best mates!
  • Become a great Supervisor and keep your mates!
  • Coaching your team
  • Management Styles
  • Where do I fit in?
  • Case studies
  • Action plan

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the role of the Supervisor
  • Recognise which Supervisor Management style is required
  • Review what style works and when
  • Coach your teams and peers
  • Recognise when you need to need to
  • Devise and action plan on the forward for the team

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