Practical Time Management

Time is one area that we can’t increase or buy more off. However it is one thing that we can manage better. We are all aware that unless we know what we are doing and when, whilst taking into account the all too regular interruptions and last minute tasks, we won’t meet our deadlines. Deadlines change, goal posts move, time keeps ticking, our stress levels increase.

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Time Management: Get Organised for Peak Performance

Time is money, the saying goes, and lots of it gets lost in disorganization and disruption. This workshop will help you get a grip on your office space, organize your work flow, learn how use your planner effectively, and delegate some of your work to other people. This one-day workshop will also help you organize and prioritize for greater workplace efficiency. The workshop is full of ideas for organizing your work area and your paperwork and working on the “right” things.

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